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Instructions for filling out the Examination Form

  • The Online Examination Portal for obtaining Examination Application Forms and Fee for Even Semesters Examinations for the session May-June 2022 has been made operational w.e.f.
    22/04/2022 to 27/04/2022 with normal fee.
    29/04/2022 to 04/05/2022 (with late fee of Rs. 500)
    06/05/2022 to 07/05/2022 (with late fee of Rs. 1000)
    for the courses LLB, LLM, BALLB, BBALLB, BFA, B.Ed Special Education VI, M.Ed and for the remaining UG/PG CBCS/Non-CBCS courses for the remaining semesters w.e.f.
    02/05/2022 to 16/05/2022 with normal fee
    18/05/2022 to 23/05/2022 (with late fee of Rs. 500)
    26/05/2022 to 30/05/2022 (with late fee of Rs. 1000)
  • The examination forms of the all Ex-students and Special Mercy Chance Students pertaining to the semester system shall be received through the portal through their last attended College/Deptt./Institutes. So, students will carefully select their colleges while filling the examination form.
  • Steps of filling the online examination form for Full Papers/ Reappear/Reappear (Mercy Chance)/Improvement Students:
    i)Registration as REGULAR STUDENTS.
    iii)Fill Personal Details.
    iv)Fill Examination Details.
    v)Go to Application Status to Preview and Submit.
    vi)Take printout by clicking on Preview/ Download PDF button at top right corner.
    vii)Submit the hard copy in concerned College/Department/Institute.

Examination Schedule : (for Private Candidates/DDE(Ex-students), May-June 2022)

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Important Notifications or Letters

  • The new students shall have to do one time registration on the online examination portal in order to apply for the examination form.The already registered students need not to register again with different email id (s) in the same class and college otherwise their roll numbers may get changed leading to the discrepancies in their results.
  • The students shall enter their own mobile no. only while doing registration and not some else’s as all SMS(s) shall be delivered on the registered mobile no.If a student forgets his/her email ID and password; then follow these steps to recover the same: Go to Student Login –> Click on Forgot UserID / Password. The email Id and password will be sent to his/her registered mobile number. If the student is still unable to retrieve the User Id and Password, then, he/she may contact their concerned College/Department/Institute.
  • Details of examination fees for all the courses are available at Fee Details link at university’s website (
    However, the students applying under Reappear/Improvement categories shall have to submit their Examination Forms with initial Examination Fee to their last attendd Colleges/Institutes/Departments. Thereafter, upon checking the eligilblity, the Deficit/Balance fee shall be raised by the university. The Deficit/Balance Fee then shall be deposited by the students to their respective last attended Colleges/Inst./Deptt.
  • The Examination Fee as well Deficit/Balance Fee (if any) as generated by the university shall be paid by the respective Colleges/ Departments/ Institutes only through the portal using NET BANKING. The students will not pay the examination/deficit/balance fee directly to the university by any other mode.
  • After the submission of one examination form in a particular class and college, if the student wishes to fill more than one examination form in Reappear/ Improvement/ Additional categories, then by clicking on Exam Form +/ Click for More Examination Form, the student shall be able to successfully submit his more than one examination form in various Examination Types through same email id and in the same class and college.
  • After the final submission of the Examination Form, the Students shall take the print out of the form and submit to the concerned Department/ College/ Institute.
  • Details of Examination Fees for all the courses is available at Fee Details .
  • For any changes/ambiguities after final submission of examination form, all the students will contact their concerned Colleges/ Departments/ Institutes who will resolve themselves or get them resolved by the university.
  • The students shall carefully select the subjects while filling the examination subject details in the online examination form. A subject change fee of Rs. 100 per subject will be charged in order to correct the wrongly opted subjects.
  • Before filling the form, please read carefully about eligibility criteria, examinations schedule and fee details available on the University Website (
  • All the students may also note that Admit Cards-cum-Roll Numbers shall not be issued if Examination Fee remains unpaid or Deficit/Balance Fee (as generated by the University) remains unpaid. Admit Cards-CUM-Roll Numbers shall be issued only after the complete realization of the fee by the university.
  • All the students may also note that the Name of the College, Class, Semester, Examination Type should be selected very carefully while filling the Online Examination Form. Submission of the Examination Form in the wrong College may lead to the non-payment of the Examination Fee or Deficit/Balance Fee leading to the non-issuance of the Admit Cards-cum-Roll Numbers.
  • The students shall receive the message on their registered mobile numbers immediately after the generation of the Balance/Deficit Fee by the university. Upon the receipt of the message, the concerned students shall deposit his/her Deficit/Balance fee to the concerned College. This Deficit/Balance fee as received by the College; then shall be paid to the university through the Online Examination Portal
  • The university has assigned the college
    1. Geeta Institute of Law, Panipat for obtaining the Online Examination Forms for LLM, LLB, BALLB, BBALLB for May-June 2022 and
    2. Sohan Lal DAV College of Education, Ambala for obtaining the Online Examination Forms for M.Ed for May-June 2022
    from such students whose last attended colleges have been closed or disaffiliated with KUK. All such students shall select their assigned colleges for filling their Online Examination Forms and submit their Examination Fee/Deficit Fees to their assigned college.The assigned colleges will submit the examination forms and fee of such students to the university through the Online Portal. Further, they shall also collect the initial examination fee as well as Deficit/Balance fee as generated by the university from the students and submit the same to the university through the portal only.
  • The students who have applied their online examination forms shall regularly check the Application Status through their logins for the status of the Deficit/Balance fee (if any) as raised by the university.

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Note: In case of any query, kindly contact at 7082113073, 7082113164 or email at [email protected]

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